New Developments in Composting Toilets

Although most composting toilets function fine when effectively installed and also operated, I do regularly hear issues from people who claim their toilets “are not functioning” or that they merely scent poor. The primary problem is generally way too much fluid from urine. If the materials is also damp, you will not obtain compost. You will certainly obtain a bloated, stinking mass of hazardous sewage.

Smell problems abound. In theory the fluid must be evaporated by the constructed in heating unit and/or fan. Yet in practice, the volume of liquid may simply be too great for this to be completed. Clearing a bathroom loaded with un-composted product is difficult to also consider.

To attempt and fix this trouble, numerous composting toilets have overflow drains to deal with excess fluid. The overflow drain have to be led somewhere below the toilet itself so gravity can cause it to move away. That might be tough, specifically if you are currently at ground degree or do not intend to reduce openings in your flooring. Likewise, you need a sump, container or pit where this excess urine can be saved. The overflow will be pee mixed with feces, and will not be enjoyable to handle.

A much better mousetrap

A far superior solution is an urine dividing bathroom. These have just recently end up being much more commonly recognized. You use the toilet generally, but the majority of the urine is drawn away automatically into a different container. This indicates the strong contents stay just a little moist – ideal for composting. Separating the urine solves the excess liquid trouble usual to many standard composting toilets.

Another advantage of the urine separating bathroom is that no heater is essential. Some older generation composting toilets by Envirolet, Biolet and also Sun-Mar make use of electric heating units of as much as 550 watts. That could be a substantial expense, with our soaring energy prices. As well as what is the factor of setting up a “green” commode if you use lots of power to run it? The heating systems might eventually stop working, demanding an expensive fixing.

Other advantages

Pee dividing toilets require only a little, affordable, easy-to-replace fan that utilizes really little power. Or they can be attached to a solar air vent and also you can forget the fan as well as power use entirely. Compost is around 85% water by quantity. This suggests that a pee diverting toilet will certainly have much more capability for its dimension. And also ultimately … pee separating toilets do not have any troubles whatsoever with smell – unlike some standard composting toilets.

Still not perfect

Nevertheless, despite a pee dividing toilet you still need a means to take care of the urine. Fortunately, this is easy. Urine is clean and sterile and also does not position a health and wellness threat. You must always check with regional authorities, but usually a “French drain” will certainly fix the trouble. This is a small pit, about 2 ′ wide as well as 2 ′ deep, loaded with little rocks. You cover the rocks with landscape material and place soil as well as turf seed on the top. A tube should range from the surface area down 2 ′ right into the drainpipe.

The utmost option

Some individuals run a tube from the bathroom, with the wall surface or flooring and also straight right into a French drainpipe adjacent to the building. This means they never need to worry about the urine, as it is getting disposed of continuously. Lots of people mount the smaller sized pee diverting toilets on watercrafts and also in Recreational vehicles. In this situation, the urine can be unloaded in any traditional toilet or privy as required.


Some pee drawing away toilets, such as the Nature’s Head, are smaller sized, self had systems appropriate for 2 individuals full-time, or as much as 4 people on weekend breaks only. The larger Separett toilets have extra capability as well as are suitable for a family and basic house usage. Pee diverting commode seats are offered for the useful do-it-yourselfer that wants to develop their own composting commode.

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