When you click the blue graphic “Write Congress Now” above or below you will be directed to a screen which will allow you to directly write your Senators and Representative.

Personalize the letter. You will first see a form letter with a box to place your personal message. Your letter will have much more power if it starts with a personal message. Do not enter your name and address in this box, ONLY your personal statement. Here are two examples:

I am a mother of a three year old child with a severe hearing loss. The hearing loss is affecting her speech already. I am unable to find any local resource to help me pay for hearing aids for my child. Your help would be very much appreciated.

I am writing on behalf of my 80-year-old grandfather who is in need of hearing aids. He is on social security and has a small pension. Unfortunately his fixed income does not allow him to afford hearing healthcare.

Enter your contact information. When you have finished typing in your personal message scroll down past the form letter to enter your contact information. Based on your zip code your correct Senators and Representative will be identified. Your contact information and your congressmen’s information will then automatically be embedded in the letter.

Print or eMail. When you have entered your contact information you are then ready to PRINT or eMail the letters by hitting one of the buttons to the right. For some Senators and Representatives, a printed personal letter will gain more attention than an email. If you are able to, print off the letters and address them to the correct Senators and Representative using the address shown on each printed letter; be sure to place a stamp on the letter. But if you are unable to do this hit the eMail button and they will automatically be sent to your Senators and Representative.

You will receive acknowledgement in your email that the letters have been sent.

Tell Your Friends. When you have sent your letters be sure to tell at least ten other friends and relatives about the tax credit bill and refer them to www.hearingaidtaxcredit.org.

Thank you for making your voice heard in Congress on this important bill.


The Better Hearing Institute